Brief Bio

Mustafa Aksan was born in 1962 in Turkey and  graduated from Hacettepe University in 1985 with a B.A. degree in Linguistics. He obtained an M.A. degree in Linguistics in 1988, and completed her doctoral studies in Linguistics at Hacettepe University in 1995.

Aksan started his career at Hacettepe University as a research assistant in 1986. He was appointed Assistant Associate Professor in 1995 and became the co-founder of the Program of English Linguistics at Mersin University. He was appointed Associate Professor of Linguistics in 2002 and full Professor of Linguistics at the same University in 2007. Aksan has been appointed to different administrative positions at university and currently is the vice-president. He has taught formal syntax, morphology, phonology, historical linguistics, cognitive linguistics, verb semantics and general linguistics at the graduate level, and Turkish linguistics, corpus linguistics, semantics, language typology, and history of linguistics at the undergraduate level. He has supervised several theses and dissertations in these fields of linguistics and educational studies.

Aksan has published widely on Turkish linguistics, particularly lexical semantics, morphology, and metaphor structures in Turkish in national and international journals, including Dilbilim Araştırmaları Dergisi (Journal of Linguistic Research, a Turkish national journal indexed in MLA), Dil ve Edebiyat Dergisi, (Mersin University),  and Dil Dergisi (TÖMER, Ankara University). He has contributed book chapters in Dynamicity in Emotion Concepts (with Y. Aksan, edited by P. Wilson, Peter Lang, 2012). Metaphor in Use: Context, Culture and Communication (with Y. Aksan, edited by F. MacArthur et al., John Benjamins, 2012), and in a number Nooj Proceedings in recent years. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of Dilbilim Araştırmaları Dergisi (Journal of Linguistic Research, a Turkish national journal indexed in MLA), and is the researcher of the nationally funded first large scale web-based general corpus of  contemporary Turkish (Turkish National Corpus, He is the founding member and the vice president of Center for Corpus Studies ( He has (co-) organized national and international conferences in linguistics and Turkish language teaching and co-convened panels at these conferences.

Languages: Turkish (native);  English (excellent); French (intermediate); German (beginner)


Curriculum Vitae


Name                                     Mustafa Aksan
Title and Affiliation Professor Dr. – Mersin University
Office Department of English Language and Literature
Faculty of Science and Letters
Mersin University, Çiftlikköy
33343 Mersin-Turkey
Telephone +90 324 36100 01/ (extension) 4655
Fax +90 324 361 00 46




1995 Ph.D. in Linguistics, Hacettepe University
1988 MA in Linguistics, Hacettepe University
1985 BA in Linguistics, Hacettepe University


Academic Positions
2009 Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, English Linguistics Program, Mersin University
2002-2007 Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, English Linguistics Program  Mersin University
1995-2002 Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, English Linguistics Program, Mersin University
1986-1995 Research Assistant, Department of Foreign Language Education, English Language Teaching Program, Hacettepe University
Administrative experience
2010 – 2014 Vice rector Mersin University
2012 Organizer 5th International Turkish Language Teaching Conference, 5-6 July 2012, Mersin University
2011 Organizer Panel: “The Analysis of MNE Turkish Course Books’ Content, Activities and Measurment and Evaluation Dimensions in terms of Reading Comprehension Skill (MEB İlköğretim Türkçe Ders Kitaplarının İçerik,Etkinlik ve Ölçme Değerlendirme Öğelerinin Okuduğunu Anlama Becerisi Açısından Değerlendirilmesi)”,4th International Turkish Language Teaching Conference 8-9 September 2011, Sakarya Univesity, Sakarya.
2011 Organizer Panel: “ Ambiguity Classes Identified in Morphological Annotation of Turkish Natinal Corpus Project ”, 25th National Conference of Turkish Linguistics 5-7 May 2011, Çukurova University, Adana.
2010 Organizer Panel: “ Corpus-derived Observations on Turkish Lexicon ”, 24th National Conference of Turkish Linguistics 17-18 May 2010, METU, Ankara.
2010 Organizer  Panel: “A Corpus-based Analysis of Lexicon in Turkish Language Teaching Coursebooks”, 3rd International Turkish Language Teaching Conference  1-3 July 2010, Dokuz Eylül University, İzmir.
2009 Organizer  Panel: “Derlem Dilbilim ve Türkçenin Eğitimi-Öğretimi”, 2. Uluslararası Türkçenin Eğitimi-Öğretimi Kurultayı 2,4 Temmuz 2009, Ankara Üniversitesi, Ürgüp.
2008 Co-organizer Mersin Sempozyumu, Mersin University
2008- Department head  English Language and Literature, Mersin University
2008-2010 Director Social Science Institute, Mersin University
2007 Organizer The 21st National Turkish Linguistics Conference, 10-11 May 2007, Mersin University
2007 Organizer Panel:“Metaphors of Love and Anger: Implications for Self”, 10th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, 15-20 July 2007, Jagellonian University, Krakow (with Prof. Dr. Şükriye Ruhi and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yeşim Aksan)
2002-2003 Director  Conservatory of Mersin University
2001 Organizer Talk on Turkish lexicon (delivered by Prof. Dr. Doğan Aksan), 17 April 2001, Mersin University
2001-2008 Vice dean  Faculty of Science and Letters, Mersin University
1999-2002 Director  Social Science Institute, Mersin University
1999 Organizer  Talk on Turkish syntax: Infinitives and Noun phrases in Turkish (delivered by Dr. Engin Sezer), 2-3 June 1999, Mersin University
1998 Organizer  The 18th National Turkish Linguistics Conference, 14-16 May 1998, Mersin University
1997 Organizer  Shakespeare Days, 11-12  May 1997, Mersin University
1995 Organizer   ELT Afternoons: INGED and Mersin University, 29 April 1995, Mersin University
Research Interests

Corpus linguistics: Corpus building and corpus-based language studies; cognitive linguistics: Conceptual Metaphor Theory, emotion and metaphor; natural language semantics theory; morphology; syntax-semantics interface; event structure; ; Turkish linguistics with a focus on derivational and inflectional morphology and lexical semantics

Research Projects
2013- A corpus-based online morphological analyzer and word-affix frequency dictionary of Turkish Member of a research team; supported by the Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey grant (113K039)
2010-2011 Türkçede Derlem Temelli Sözcük Sıklığı Listeleri Oluşturma [ A Corpus-based word frequency lists of Turkish] Project director; funded by  Mersin University grant (BAP-FEF İDE(MŞA) 2010-5A)
2009-2010 Türkçe Süreli Yayınlar Derlemi Oluşturma [Building a corpus of Turkish newspapers], Project director; funded by  Mersin University grant (BAP-FEF İDEB (MA) 2009-3)
2008-2011 Türkçe Ulusal Derlemi Oluşturma Projesi [Building a national corpus of Turkish]; Member of a research team; funded by  Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey  grant (108K242)
Grants and Fellowships
2012 Conference Organization Grant, TÜBİTAK
2006 Conference Grant, Mersin University
2005 Conference Grant, Mersin University
2002 Research fellowship, Turkish Academy of Sciences
2001 Fellowship of Rotary
2000 Fellowship of Turkish-German scientists exchange program
1997 Fellowship, International visitor program of  United States Information Agency
Dissertation Supervision

Completed M.A. DissertationSupervision

Yıldız, I. (Temmuz 2012) A corpus-based analysis of predicates used in the introduction and conclusion sections of Turkish of academic texts.

Sezer, T. (September 2010). Theory of corpus linguistics: Design and implementation of a subcorpus in Turkish.

Sever, B. (June 2010). Derivational morphology and semantic contraints in Turkish.

Mersinli, Ü. (April 2010). Design of a Finite-State Transducer for Parts of Speech Tagging of Turkish

Çolak, M. (May 2006). Humour in Turkish: A study on the basic linguistic features of humour language.

İbe, P. (June 2004). Psych verbs in Turkish: A structural and semantic analysis.

Corcu, D. (June 2003). A linguistic analysis of necessity as a part of the modal system in Turkish.

Güler, S. (June 2003). Reduplications in Turkish: Some observations on form and functions of reduplications.

Türker, B. (September 2001). Case theory and deep cases in Turkish.

Ulu, M. (September 1999). A study on the use of English verb and their arguments: The case of Turkish learners.

Yaldır, Y. (September 1999). A study on nouns and nominal projections in Turkish.

Completed Ph.D. Dissertation Supervision

Kurtoğlu, Ö. (July 2013) A Corpus-based discourse analysis: The properties of texts in Turkish textbooks for primary and secondary schools.
Özdemir, V. (Februray 2012). Foreign language teaching in Turkish Republic Era.
Kayapınar, U. (June 2010). A study on assesment tools and evaluation of essay writing skill in foreign language education.

Ongoing M.A. Dissertation Supervision

Aksu, Ş. An ethnograhic analysis of compliment speech act in Turkish
Doğan, H. Thanking in Turkish: An ethnographic analysis.
Courses Taught

1. Graduate courses 1995-



Contemporary syntactic theories and Turkish

Transitivity and voice in Turkish

Morphological theory


2. Undergraduate 1995-

Phonetics ­




Historical linguistics

History of linguistics


Philosophy of language

Applied linguistics

Seminar in linguistics

Computational linguistics

Cognitive linguistics

Graduation study


3. Undergraduate (1986-1994)

English composition

Reading in English

American literature

American culture

Concepts of language and literature

Invited Talks

02 May 2014 Sözcüksel örüntüler, anlam ve söylem ilişkisi: Derlem-temelli uygulamalar [Lexical patterns, meaning and discourse relations: Corpus-based studies] (with Yeşim Aksan), Dilbilim Seminerleri II [Linguistic Seminars II] Anadolu University, Eskişehir

20 December 2013 Derlem dilbilim ve uygulama alanları [Corpus linguistics and corpus-­based language studies] (with Prof. Yeşim Aksan) Türkçe Ulusal Derlemi: Tanıtım [Turkish National Corpus­Demo Version: Tutorial] (with Prof. Yeşim Aksan), Anadolu University, Eskişehir

20 November 2009 Kimi niteliksel ve niceliksel görünümleriyle Türkçe Ulusal Dil Derlemi [On some qualitative and quantitative aspects of Turkish National Corpus] Ankara Linguistic Circle, Middle East Techincal University (with Yeşim Aksan)

18 April 2007 Türkçede öfke metaforları [Anger metaphors in Turkish] Türk Dili Eğitimi Bahar Seminerleri, Mersin University

27 April 2006 Temel duygu kavramı ve Türkçede eylemler [The concept of emotion and Turkish emotion predicates], Türk Dili Eğitimi Bahar Seminerleri, Mersin University

24 March 2006  Olumsuz bir duygu olarak öfke [Anger: A negative emotion] Interdisciplinary dialouges I, Mersin University


Tömer Dil Dergisi [TÖMER Journal of Language], Mersin Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi [Mersin University Journal of Education], Çukurova Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi [Çukurova University Journal of Education]

Journal editor

Dilbilim Araştırmaları Dergisi, [Journal of Linguistic Research], Mersin Üniversitesi Dil ve Edebiyat Dergisi [Mersin University Journal of Linguistics and Literature]

Member of Advisory Board

Tömer Dil Dergisi [TÖMER Journal of Language], Mersin ÜniversitesiSosyal Bilimler Dergisi [Mersin University Journal of  Social Sciences]


2008 —                      Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM)

2012—                        International Pragmatics Association (IPRA)

Research Activities

1. Publications


Aksan, Mustafa. (2001) Agents in Turkish and Their Morphology. Mersin: Mersin Üniversitesi.

Uzun, E., L.S. Uzun, Y. Aksan & M. Aksan (1992). Türkiye Türkçesinin Türetim Ekleri: Bir döküm denemesi [Derivational suffixes of Turkish: A morpheme inventory]. Ankara: Şirin.

Chapter in a Book

Aksan, M. and Mersinli, Ü. (forthcoming). Retrieving and Analyzing Requestive Forms: Evidence from the Turkish National Corpus. Ruhi, Ş. and Aksan, Y. (eds.) Exploring (Im)politeness in Specialized and General Corpora: Converging Methodologies and Analytic Procedures, 173-220. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Aksan, Yeşim & Mustafa Aksan (2012). Armed with Patience, Suffering an Emotion: Conceptualization of LIFE, MORALITY and EMOTION. F. MacArthur et al. (Eds.) Metaphor in Use: Context, Culture and Communication, 285-308. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Aksan, Mustafa & Yeşim Aksan (2012). To emote a feeling or to feel an emotion: A view from Turkish. P. Wilson (Ed.) Dynamicity in Emotion Concepts. Lodz: Studies in Language, vol. 27, 285-306. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Aksan, Mustafa (2011). Apocylpse happens when the feet take the position of head: Figurative uses of head and feet. Z. Maalej & N. Yu (Eds.). Embodiment via Body Parts: Studies from Various Languages and Cultures, 241-256. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Çakır, Özler, Devrim Alıcı, Yeşim Aksan, Mustafa Aksan (2012). İlköğretim I. kademe Türkçe öğretim programının okuduğunu anlama becerisi açısından incelenmesi [ An analysis of the 1st level Turkish language teaching syllabus in terms of reading comprehension skill]. E. Yılmaz et al. (Eds.) Türkçenin Eğitimi-Öğrtemi Üzerine Çalışmalar [Studies on Turkish Language Teaching], 31-51. Ankara: Pegem Akademi.

Aksan, Mustafa  (2011). Derlem dilbilimi ve dil eğitimi. [Corpus linguistics and language teaching]. L. Uzun & Ü. Bozkurt (Eds.) Theoretical and Applied Researches in      TurkishLanguage Teaching,  339-343. Essen: Die Blaue Eule.

Aksan, Yeşim & Mustafa Aksan (2009). Building a national corpus of Turkish: Design and implementation. Working Papers in Corpus-based Linguistics and Language Education no. 3, 299-31. Tokyo: TUFS.

Aksan, Mustafa (2007). Coşku kavramı ve Türkçedeki görünümleri. [The concept of emotion and its features in Turkish] D.Aksan & N. Büyükkantarcıoğlu (Eds.) Bir “Bilim-Eri”nden yaşayakalanlar: Özcan Başkan’a armağan [A festschrift to Özcan Başkan], 174-198. İstanbul: Multilingual.

Aksan, Mustafa(2007). Lexicon of negative emotions from a cross-cultural perspective. L.R. Miyares (Eds.) Actas –I, 322-326. Santiago de Cuba: Centro de Linguistica Aplicada.

Aksan, Mustafa (2004). Psych verbs and experiencers in Turkish. S.O. Lee (Eds.) Inquiries into Korean linguistics I, 247-259. Seoul: Thaehaksa.


Ruhi, Şükriye, Mustafa Aksan & Yeşim Aksan (2014) Derlem dilbilim yöntemlerinin etkin olarak araştırmalarda kullanımı: Uygulamalar [The effective use of corpus linguistic methods in linguistic research: Applications] Proceedings of the 27th National Linguistics Conference, 264-270. Ankara: Hacettepe University.

Yıldız, İ. and Aksan, M. 2014. Türkçe bilimsel metinlerde eylemler: Derlem temelli bir inceleme. [Predicates in Turkish academic texts: A corpus-based analysis]. Büyükkantarcıoğlu, N. et al. (eds.) 27. Ulusal Dilbilim Kurultayı Bildirileri, [ Proceedings of 27th national conference] 247-253. Ankara: Hacettepe Üniversitesi.

Aksan, Yeşim, Aksan, Mustafa, Koltuksuz, Ahmet et al. (2012). Construction of the Turkish National Corpus (TNC), Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language Resources and Evalution (LREC 2012), 21-27 Mayıs 2012, İstanbul, 3223-3227.

Aksan, Mustafa & Ümit Mersinli (2012). Part of Speech Tagging in the Turkish National Corpus The Szged Conference. Proceedings of the 15 th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics 20-22 Agust 2010, 319-330. Szged: Studia Uralo-altaica.

Demirhan, Umut, &  Mustafa Aksan (2012). Tagset for Nooj Turkish Module, Automatic Processing of Various Levels of Linguistic Phenomena, 86-95. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Mersinli, Ümit & Mustafa Aksan (2012). Biçimbirim açımlama ve belirginleştirme [Morphological annotation and disambiguation]. 25. Ulusal Dilbilim Kurultayı Bildiri Kitabı, 213-218. Adana: Çukurova Üniversitesi.

Mersinli, Ümit & Mustafa Aksan (2011). Türkçenin biçimbirim ve sözcük türü işaretlemesi.[Morphological parsing and parts of speech annotation of Turkish] Ç. Sağın-Şimşek & Ç. Hatipoğlu (Eds.) 24. Ulusal Dilbilim Kurultayı Bildiri Kitabı, 367-376. Ankara: ODTÜ Basım İşliği.

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Aksan, Mustafa & Taner Sezer (2008). Mersin dil derlemi: Süreç ve uygulama [Mersin University Turkish corpus: Process and implementation]. Y. Özdemir (Ed.) Proceedings of Mersin Confererence Vol. I, 19-22 November 2008, 570-574.  Mersin: Güven Ofset.

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Aksan, Yeşim & Mustafa Aksan (2005). Bileşik eylemler, sıralı eylemler ve görünüş [Compond verbs, serial verbs and aspect]. M. Sarı & H. Nas (Eds.) Proceedings of the XIXth national linguistics conference, 398-413. Şanlıurfa: Elif Printing House.

Aksan, Yeşim& Mustafa Aksan (2003). Postpositions in Turkish: Adverbial use and aspectual properties. S. Özsoy (Eds.) Studies in Turkish linguistics, 175-184. İstanbul: Boğaziçi Üniversitesi.

Aksan, Mustafa (2001). Kılıcı kavramı ve Türkçe’de kılıcı adlaşmaları [The concept of agent and agentive derivations in Turkish]. Ö. Demircan & A. Erözden (Eds.) Proceedings of the XVth national linguistics conference, 24-25 May 2001, 55-62. İstanbul: Yıldız Teknik Univesity.

Aksan, Yeşim ve Mustafa Aksan. (2001).Üzere ilgecinin sözdizimsel ve anlambilimsel görünümleri [Syntactic and semantic properties of postposition üzere]. Ö. Ekmekçi et. al. (Eds.) Proceedings of the XIVth national linguistics conference27-28 April 2000, 85-93. Adana: Çukurova Üniversitesi.

Aksan, Mustafa (1999). Durum değişikliği eylemleri türetimi ve anlambilimsel kısatlamalar. [Derivation of change of state verbs and semantic constraints] Y. Aksan & M. Aksan (Eds.) Proceedings of the XIIth national linguistics conference, 14-16 May 1998, 197-208. Ankara: Şafak Publications.

2. Presentations

Aksan, Yeşim, Aksan, Mustafa, Özel, Selma Ayşe, Yılmazer, Hakan, Demirhan, Umut Ufuk, Mersinli, Ümit, Bektaş, Yasin & Altunay, Serap (2014) Web Tabanlı Türkçe Ulusal Derlemi (TUD) [Web-based Turkish National Corpus (TNC)], 16th Academic Information System Conference 5-7 Februrary 2014, Mersin University.

Aksan,Yeşim, Selma Ayşe Özel, Yasin Bektaş, Mustafa Aksan, Umut Ufuk Demirhan, Ümit Mersinli, Hakan Yılmazer (2014) Türkçe Tümcelerin Sonunu Belirlemede Açık Kaynak / Ücretsiz Yazılımlar ve Performans Analizleri [Performance analyses of open source/free tools detecting sentence boundaries in Turkish]. 16th Academic Information System Conference 5-7 Februrary 2014, Mersin University.

Aksan, Mustafa (2014) Çok sözcüklü yapılar ve sıklık örüntüleri [Multi-word expressions and frequency patterns], 28. Ulusal Dilbilim Kurultayı [28th National Linguistic Conference], 08-09 May 2014, Sakarya Univeristy, Sakarya.

Aksan, Y. & Aksan, M. (2014) Frequency effects in Turkish: A study on multi-word units. 17th ICTL, 03-05 September 2014, Rouen University, France.

Aksan, Mustafa & Yeşim Aksan (2013). Multi-word units and pragmatic functions in genre specification. 13th International Pragmatics Conference (IPrA 2013), 8-13 September 2013, New Delhi, India.

Aksan, Mustafa & Yeşim Aksan (2012). Multi-word units in informative and imaginative domains. 16th  International Conference on Turkish Linguistics, 18-21 September 2012. Ankara, ODTÜ.

Aksan, Mustafa & Ümit Mersinli (2011). Requestive expressions in TNC subcorpora. 6th International Symposium on Politeness: Corpus Approaches, 11-13 July 2011. Ankara, METU.

Demirhan, Umut & Mustafa Aksan (2011). Tagset for Nooj Turkish Module. Nooj Conference 2011, 13-15 June 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

 Mersinli, Ümit & Mustafa Aksan (2011). Biçimbirim açımlama ve belirginleştirme. [ Morpoheme annotation and disambiguation] 25. Ulusal Dilbilim Kurultayı 5-7 Mayıs 2011, Çukurova Üniversitesi, Adana.

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Aksan, Yeşim & Mustafa Aksan (2008). Armed with Patience, Suffering an Emotion: Conceptualization of LIFE, and EMOTION. Researching and Applying Metaphor 7, 29-31 May 2008, University of Extramadura .

Aksan, Mustafa (2007). ‘A jar of nerves’: Anger metaphors and construal of an emotion in Turkish, paper presented in the theme session “Metaphors of love and anger: Implication for the conceptualization of self” at the 10th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference 15-20 July 2007, Jagiellonian University.

Aksan, Mustafa &Yeşim Aksan (2006).Degree modification and event semantics: Derived verbs and postverb constructions in Turkish. Workshop in Formal Altaic Linguistics 3, 22-24 May 2006, Moscow State University.

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Aksan, Mustafa (2006). Doğal anlam üstdili ve Türkçede duygu eylemleri [Natural language semantics and emotion predicates in Turkish]. The XXth national linguistics conference, 12-13 May 2006, Maltepe Üniversitesi.

Aksan, Mustafa (2005). Emotion and emotive verbs: Grammatical and lexical patterns in Turkish and English. The 3rd International Conference in Contrastive Semantics and Pragmatics, 16-18 September 2005, Shangahi International Studies University.

Aksan, Mustafa (1997). Representation of English verbal complement in Turkish learners’ sentences. The 31st TESOL 11-15 March 1997, Orlando, Florida.

3. Editor of proceedings

Aksan, Yeşim& Mustafa Aksan (1998). XII. Ulusal dilbilim kurultayı bildirileri [Proceedings of the XIIth national linguistics conference]. Ankara: Şafak Publications.

Aksan, Yeşim& Mustafa Aksan (2008). XXI. Ulusal dilbilim kurultayı bildirileri [Proceedings of the XXIth national linguistics conference]. Ankara: Şafak Publications.

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Aksan, Mustafa & Aygül Uçar (2012). 5 Uluslararası Türkçenin Eğitimi-Öğretimi Kurultayı Bildiriler [Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Turkish Language Teaching]. Ankara: Şafak Matbaası.

4. Work in progress

Aksan, Y., Aksan, M., Mersinli, Ü., Demirhan, U.U. A Frequency Dictionary of Turkish. Routledge.

Aksan, M. & Aksan, Y. Multi-word expressions in genre specification. (It will be submitted to Pragmatics as a contribution to a special issue on “Turkish Discourse and Pragmatics” edited by D. Zeyrek and Ü.D.Turan).