Grammar I

Mersin University



Year 2014-2015
Semester Fall
Course Code PREP GRA. (A)
Course Title Grammar I
Instructor Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem KURTOĞLU
Office Hours Friday 14:50 – 16:30


The aim of the course is to provide students with a general overview of the basic grammar rules and to enable them to apply these rules correctly.


– 18.09.2014– 19.09.2014 IntroductionTenses
– 25.09.2014– 26.09.2014 Present and Future TimePresent and Future Time Maurer (1-8)Maurer (9-15)
– 02.10.2014– 03.10.2014 Past TimePast Time Maurer (16-21)Maurer (22-32)
– 09.10.2014– 10.10.2014 Simple and Progressive: Action and Non-Action VerbsSimple and Progressive: Action and Non-Action Verbs Maurer (33-43)Maurer (44-53)
– 16.10.2014– 17.10.2014 Be and Auxiliaries in Additions, Tags, and Short AnswersModals to Express Degrees of Necessity Maurer (56-71)Maurer (72-88)
– 23.10.2014– 24.10.2014 Modals to Express Degrees of CertaintyModals to Express Degrees of Certainty Maurer (89-96)Maurer (96-112)
– 30.10.2014– 31.10.2014 Count and Non-Count NounsDefinite and Indefinite Articles Maurer (114-127)Maurer (128-136)
– 06.11.2014– 07.11.2014 1st MidtermDefinite and Indefinite Articles Maurer (137-140)
– 13.11.2014– 14.11.2014 QuantifiersQuantifiers Maurer (141-149)Maurer (149-152)
– 20.11.2014– 21.11.2014 Modification of NounsModification of Nouns Maurer (153-160)Maurer (161-178)
– 27.11.2014– 28.11.2014 Adjective Clauses: Review and ExpansionAdjective Clauses: Review and Expansion Maurer (180-190)Maurer (191-194)
– 04.12.2014– 05.12.2014 Adjective Clauses with Prepositions; Adjective PhrasesAdjective Clauses with Prepositions; Adjective Phrases Maurer (195-202)Maurer (203-218)
– 11.12.2014– 12.12.2014 The Passive: Review and ExpansionThe Passive: Review and Expansion Maurer (220-228)Maurer (229-234)
– 18.12.2014– 19.12.2014 The Passive to Describe Situations and to Report OpinionsThe Passive to Describe Situations and to Report Opinions Maurer (235-242)Maurer (242-255)
– 25.12.2014– 26.12.2014 2nd MidtermReview Maurer (235-242)Maurer (242-255)


Textbook(s) Maurer, Jay. (2006). Focus on Grammar 5: An Integrated Skills Approach (3rd Edition). New York: Longman.
Supplementary Reading(s) Foley, Mark & Hall, Diane. (2005). Advanced Learner’s Grammar. (4th Edition). Essex: Longman.Pollock, Carrol. (1997). Communicate What You Mean: A Concise Advanced Grammar. (2nd Edition). New York: Longman.


1st Mid-Term2nd Midterm 1515
Total 30


STUDENT REQUIREMENTS                                                 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to record and follow his own attendance. (For the percentages, refer to the University’s Education Guide.)
  • Students should not enter the classroom after the class has been started.
  • Students who do not bring their course materials are not allowed to enter the class.
  • Cell phones should be turned off, or set to vibrate for emergency during the class. Camera, tape or video recording is not allowed if not stated otherwise.
  • Assignments should be prepared in accordance with the Department’s Assignment, Research Paper and Thesis (A.R.T.) Preparation Guide. (can be accessed from the department’s site;
  • It is the student’s responsibility to practice the highest standards of academic honesty. Cheating, plagiarism and any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.
  • Assignments submitted later than the indicated dates are not accepted. Deadlines should strictly be followed.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed information from another student, not from the instructor.