Course Outline

Year 2018-19
Semester Fall
Course Code İDB 605
Course Title Theories of Aspect
Instructor Prof. Yeşim Aksan
Objective of the course

The aim of the course is to provide knowledge to students to describe and explain grammatical and lexical aspect in general using semantic and pragmatic oriented theories of aspect; to describe aspectual structure of Turkish.

03.10.2018 Introduction
10.10.2018 Aspect and aspectuality Binnick 2006


17.10.2018 Two component analysis of aspect; situation aspect Smith 1997, chapter 2,3

Supplementary reading: Vendler 1957

Güven 2003; Smith 1995

24.10.2018 Degree modification and event structure

Telicity and scale structure

 Hay et al. (1999)

 Kearns 2007;

Levin 2010

Aksan 2004

31.10.2018 Aspectual properties of motion verbs Tenny 1995 (Pragmatics and Cognition)
07.11.2018 Lexical aspectual properties of Turkish


Dilaçar 1971Aksan and Aksan 2005 ; Aksan  2007;

Supplemantary reading: Schoreder 2008


Lexical aspectual properties of Turkish

Aksan and Aksan 2009; Aksan and Aksan 2007
21.11.2018 TERM BREAK
28.11.2018 View point aspect

View point aspect in Turkish

Smith, chp. 4

Göksel & Kerslake, 2005Erguvanlı, 1996Erguvanlı, 1997

05.12.2018 The aspectual system of English Smith, chp. 8

Smith 1999

12.12.2018 The aspectual system of Turkish

Yavaş 1980Johanson, 2001; Kerslake 2001

Güven 2008

Supplemantary: Aksan et al.2009

19.12.2018 The aspectual system of Turkish Erguvanlı 2001
26.12.2018 Discussion on term papers