Applied Linguistics II


Mersin University



Year 2017-2018
Semester Spring
Course Code İDB 422
Course Title Applied Linguistics II
Instructor Asst. Prof. Dr. Pınar İBE AKCAN


The aim of this course is to introduce the students with significant language teaching methods, make them criticize these methods and be able to propose alternative approaches in different teaching environments.



30.01.2018 Introduction to the course
06.02.2018 Forensic linguistics: The scope Shuy, R.W.
  “Forensic analysis of personal written texts” Eagleson, R.
13.02.2018 Lexicography


Uzun, E.
20.02.2018 Teaching grammar (Th.)

Teaching grammar (Appl.)

Murcia, M.

Murcia, M.

27.02.2018 Teaching vocabulary (Th.) Allen, V. F.
  Teaching vocabulary (Appl.) Allen, V. F.
06.03.2018 Teaching writing (Th.) Raimes, A.
  Teaching writing (Appl.) Raimes, A.
13.03.2018 Testing (Th.) Madsen, H. S.
  Testing (Appl.) Madsen, H. S.
20.03.2018-27.03.2018 MID-TERM
03.04.2018 Multiple Intelligence Theory (Th.)
  Multiple Intelligence Theory (Th.) Arnold, J., and Fonseca, M.
10.04.2018 Grammar Translation Method (Th.) Freeman, D. L.
  Grammar Translation Method (Appl.) Freeman, D. L.
17.04.2018 Audio-Lingual Method (Th.) Freeman, D. L.
  Audio-Lingual Method (Appl.) Freeman, D. L.
24.04.2018 Communicative Method (Th.) Freeman, D. L.
  Communicative Method (Appl.) Freeman, D. L.
30.04.2018 Review


Readings Arnold, J., and Fonseca, M. 2004. Multiple intelligence theory and foreign language learning: A brain based perspective. IJES 4, 119-136.

Allen, V. F. 2003. Techniques in teaching vocabulary. Oxford: OUP.

Cook, G. 2003. Applied linguistics. Oxford: OUP.

Freeman, D. L. 2003. Techniques and principles in language teaching. Oxford: OUP.

Madsen, H. S. 2003. Techniques in testing. Oxford: OUP.

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Ur, P. 1996. A course in language teaching: Practice and theory. Cambridge: CUP.

Zapf, M. 2004. Multiple intelligence theory. Unpublished M.A. Dissertation. Ashland University, Cleveland.


GRADING % % Total
Mid-Term 100


Final 50


50 presentation 100


STUDENT REQUIREMENTS                                                 


  • It is the student’s responsibility to record and follow his own attendance. (For the percentages, refer to the University’s Education Guide.)
  • Students should not enter the classroom after the class has been started.
  • Students who do not bring their course materials are not allowed to enter the class.
  • Cell phones should be turned off, or set to vibrate for emergency during the class. Camera, tape or video recording is not allowed if not stated otherwise.
  • Assignments should be prepared in accordance with the Department’s Assignment, Research Paper and Thesis (A.R.T.) Preparation Guide. (can be accessed from the department’s site;
  • It is the student’s responsibility to practice the highest standards of academic honesty. Cheating, plagiarism and any other form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.
  • Assignments submitted later than the indicated dates are not accepted. Deadlines should strictly be followed.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain missed information from another student, not from the instructor.